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The College Life

Frame by Frame

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This community is for Amateur os semi-professional photographers who are about to enter, currently enrolled in, or just left college (including grad school). In other words this is photography kinda focused on the life of the college student, what you see on a daily basis, or when the random adventure occurs, what you saw of that.

It can be artistic

It can be silly

It can be photoshopped

It can be anything you want it to be

The whole point of this community is to somewhat unite photographers of a common age/exprience to see how styles and ideas differ and to dsicuss problems or challenges that might happen. No offense to youngsters or more experienced folks, but this is the idea of the community, please don't join if you don't somewhat fit these guidelines.

Some Rules (we had to have 'em):

Some tasteful nudity BEHIND CUTS is allowed.

Images no larger than 500x500 unless behind a cut

Please try to give some hint if the image is HUGE because not everyone has high bandwidth.

Multiple images MUST go behind a cut

Please try to warn about multiple images because of people wiht low bandwidth

If the mods see any violations we'll delete the post, sorry, thems the breaks. But you can post again and try to fit the rules the second time!